Thursday, June 26, 2014


For July the challenge is black & white only, this could get interesting, how many do you suppose will opt for Zebra print? lol! polka dots are nice & can go either way black on white or white on black, Hobby Lobby has interesting B/W prints such as cameras, butterflies even raccoons!


what will inspire you for this challenge?

EZC-12872-1[1] EZC-12872-2[1]AAK-10394-2[1]


link for these fabrics & more

how about  some Pinterest inspiration

Adorable long chevron black and white dressMadam Butterfly DressWedding guest outfit. The splashes of mint looks classy with this black and white dress.Bold black and white dress, chunky statement necklace, and bright sweater with bright contrasting heels!

Model wearing a black and white houndstooth dress, 1958My name is Keri, I'm so very/ Fly oh my, it's a little bit scary.    Keri Hilson - Pretty Girl RockBlack & White Striped Dress Estate Dress. #Houndstooth heaven!

what will you be inspired to make? Maxie, blouse, pants. blazer,dress. coat, scarf, skirt, full, maxie or pencil styled?pajamas maybe?  Will it be sporty, casual, dressy,  formal,whimsical, a refashion,The ideals are endless!


Twice as Nice said...

Hello. We always enjoyed Picket's blog and we were sad when she stopped blogging. We still have her link on our blog but it says it is now private. We don't blog very often either. It has been over a year but we have an Etsy shop that keeps us very busy. Please, tell her we said hi. I was very happy to see you posted that your parents are still living. Always enjoyed all the stories. The Twins, Fern and Fran

Michelle said...

Looks interesting..
I'm afraid I'd be seeing double, tho