Monday, July 7, 2014


It’s been too long since I’ve graced the sewing room with my presence, Dad is doing  a lot better & him & mom are back home, there’s been a  whole lot of berry pickin, jelly makin & more berry pickin  jelly makin going on lol!


my brother-n-law & family  from Vagina got  to be here all week for  the 4th  we saw  them off back to VA Sat after breakfast at the I-Hop speaking on berry pickin my father-n-law has blueberry bushes everywhere! here’s me helping my sister-n-law gather some to take back to VA


awww fabric makes me happy! people that have to cut it, not so much! lol! look how sweet she folded it with a rubber band around each one

fabric04 fabric03

then I thought humm I think I need some solids to incorporate with all these prints, so I went back for more, that’s my story & I’m sticking to it lol!


why so much fabric?


this fabric is for aprons for a friend of mine who are Missionaries to Mexico, they are for the staff that work in the school, the orphanage & other staff members

Alex & Ruby


in-between aprons, I’m revamping the sewing room, getting ready for Where Bloggers Create 2014 , working on  a few things for my show coming up in Nov. that may seem like a long time away but it’ll be here before I know it, there’s some new patterns I want to try out plus give that wrap dress pattern a second chance, give my hips a little more room & make it longer lol!


how  do you relax after a long day of busyness,we like to run down to the river & watch for the sun to set

10314670_4348383363345_6086147359388129273_n[1]  10511161_4348383003336_5165072905881485189_n[1]

10456776_4348383923359_6712186323028889386_n[1] 10488108_4348384283368_1221877602950241096_n[1]

10434342_4348381803306_8607056058252022576_n[1] 10410302_4348382563325_6069887559611868632_n[1]

whatever you find yourself doing , do it with all your might & have fun!


Michelle said...

I love the material. Esp. the red.

What do I do after a busy day?
I enjoy reading or crocheting afghans.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

I have been berry picking, making jelly and cobblers too.. What fun.
Love all your new fabric, can't wait to see the new aprons and your new dress. Happy sewing.