Saturday, September 20, 2014


I thought I’d bump  this from my Sitting At His feet Blog, I had the opportunity to be able to be a part of the one million pillowcase drive, a few years back  the ladies form my church & I sewed up over 60 Christmas pillowcases for a Children's Hospital in Australia , this time of year every year donations for pillowcases for Children's cancer hospitals are popping up all over blog land as well as you tube , I came across Arrow Sewing Cabinets  a few weeks back who are gathering up pillowcases for a children's hospital in WI , they only ask for two but you can certainly make as many as you wish, as I think about how this is such a worthy & rewarding cause & one that I enjoy doing , I plan on making pillowcases throughout the year, whether I send them all to one destination or one here, three there, etc. I’m not sure but as I prepare for  next year I’ll be ready for when the needs arise , pillowcase are quick & easy to make as well as rewarding, as you sew each pillowcase & began to pray over them & to know you’ve made a difference in a child's life with something as simple a bright cherry pillowcases is very rewarding indeed!

Arrow Sewing Cabinets are one of many business’s collecting pillowcases for Canker  Children's Cancer Hospital, I came across their site a few weeks ago & am so proud to be a part of helping them gather up pillowcases(smiles) for Conkerr

Every Sept. Conkerr’s goal is 44,000 pillowcases, that’s 20 miles of smiles!   you can read more about this challenge here

this is a worthy & rewarding cause & we are proud to have been a part of helping arrow  Sewing Cabinets reach their goal for Conkerr,we pray for peace,healing& restoration for each child that lays their little heads on these pillowcases, we pray peace of mind,courage & strength for the parents& even if the answer is a no that their eyes will still be lifted up to the one whom their peace comes from




there are many business’s , websites & bloggers alike that collect pillowcases for this goal that you can send your pillowcases to or send them directly to Conkerr, there is also a download for how to make a pillowcase

a little inspiration & how to from Missouri Quilts

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