Sunday, October 26, 2014


Yea I’m back on line, my internet explore was giving me fits, good ole you tube came to the rescue with a tutorial how to correct it, I’m just 25 days away from my two day Christmas show, whew! Friday is the hardest as it is a long & I mean long day starting at 9 am & ending at 9 pm & it is non stop!

since I’m down to one show a year & once in a blue moon maybe two my  poor little NANNAS RAGGEDYS N PRIMS  blog  often goes unnoticed, I sometimes  often wonder if I should just let it die gracefully I think half of my followers have abandoned me & I can’t really blame them as there’s nothing exciting happening over there since I’m down to one  to two shows a year, I often think prims & doll making are the only interest they have when they visit which is fine, my other three blogs are always hopping but that one seems to always be at a stand still , does your blogs make you have crazy thoughts? lol!

there’s lost to do in the next 25 days, I’m hoping my son-n-law will cut me out some block snowmen this year


I desperately want a new look for my table this year, I usually put two tables together black cloth with a few high lows but this year my daughter wants to do this show with me so the tables will be separated , 25 days to get ready & figure out how to make my table pop! mercy!


I usually make two of Annie & her Snowman, she is one of my best sellers every year, I actually had customers  fuss over the last one last year lol so there will be at least three of her this year


JOJO is a hoot to make  with all those fingers & toes but so loveable when she’s born I’ve never made JOJO for a show , only for orders but this year I’m hoping she will  make the show , mercy how did I do that hair?  25 days to figure it out right? LoL!

JoJo, she's a big ole hugable loveable 33" she is one of my favorite Annies to make

well it’s good to be back to blogging & there’s a lot of catching up to do, we’ve been to a fair, celebrated Birthdays, Zoo trips , sewing, canning, & so much more!


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Have fun..

Createology said...

Doing shows is a lot of work yet such a rewarding time as well. Lots of comaraderie and inspiraton all in one wonderful spot. Creative Handmade Bliss...

Michelle F said...

The dolls are adorable!