Tuesday, November 4, 2014


as I was thinking of getting more Fall into my wardrobe, I decide to pull this pattern out which is fairly very easy to piece together but always waiting for the right fabric, the right time, you know the excuses, you know them well lol!



so I start cutting & assembling  thinking aww this will be so cute with some brown palate pants but then there is crunch time till show time yea there comes that word “excuse” lol! but seriously less than a week till my two day Christmas show  but all is well on that side of the sewing room so more on that later



but then new hope arose  for this little cardigan, a Company dinner, this should be fine right? but noooo it’s a special Milestone  Anniversary diner honoring the years they’ve put in, 40 for hubby sooo I’m thinking  I should go to the Mall?

I always dislike the unknowing with things like this, will all the other wives be all blinged out, if  I finish this ideal I was going with will I will over or under dressed? 

the dinner is tonight soooo I’m thinking I should save this for Thanksgiving & go to the Mall, what do you think?

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Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

oH Nana, I so understand.. We never know, what the other wives will wear?? nervous/nervous.lol
I think your cardigan will be adorable.. Plus, you never know if you can find anything suitable at the mall.
But, if you think, you might be under-dressed--- go to the mall, and don't stress yourself [you have been through too much..].
I know.... I am not a bit of help.lol
Have fun.
and I look forwArd to seeing that cardigan..