Monday, December 22, 2014



well lets see , I’m sitting here in hubbys blue plaid housecoat but  you don’t wantta see that lol!Blue Mondays  doesn’t have to be blue, but happy! happy! happy! we’re having unusable warm weather here with rain trying to come in but that wont make me blue no sireee! as I’m off to a friends to finish up a Christmas present for my sister  which has blue in it but can’t show you as she may check out my blog, ya just never know what sisters are gonna do! lol! I know you’re thinking by now are ya gonna make a blue post or not! lol! sooo without further a due…..

I have lots of dishes blue ones white ones pink depression ones, brown ones Christmas ones oh sorry got lost in my dishes ,lol! I’ve started reorganizing them ,trying to make them cute in the cabinets which hubby doesn’t understand why seeing ya don’t see it with the doors shut, husbands ! bless their hearts! lol!

ok ! ok! here comes the picture! wait can I just say this, I mixed my whites with my blue willows sister gave  me the cherry napkins & the cherry glasses,s that I thought complimented the black plates that I use on buffets


there’s lots more to play with  but so far I’m liking how  this is going and since it’s  almost Christmas  here’s  a peek of  a few blues that’s on one of my trees



blue sure to visit Sally over at & get your Blue happy on!




SmilingSally said...

Hi Helen,

I do like the way you've arranged your dishes. I have no talent to do that. I just stack 'em up!

The other blues are all so cute and pretty for Christmas.

Tell Picket "hi" for me.

Happy Blue Monday and Merry Christmas!

Joy H said...

I like the way you displayed your dishes and the cute little raggedy ann doll.

Michelle F said...

I love your blue. I am especially partial to Raggedy Ann & Andy.
Only 2 days til Christmas. I plan to cook our pies tomorrow.

I am off to go check out your newest blog. I enjoy cooking, so I look forward to seeing your posts.

Merry Christmas!!