Monday, January 12, 2015


wow! that’s a mouth full isn’t it? try doing all that ! lol!well that’s what we’ve been up to  going through every room  in the house ,culling, tossing,organizing, & tweaking 40 years of house keeping


we’re  2 & 1/2 yea  1/2 lol! rooms down &  7 & 1/2 to go, here’s a sneak peak of the kitchen, a little background , years  ago it was wallpapered, took it all down, began painting & wondered why the walls looked white instead of sand, they forgot to add the tint oh well years later here I am tackling that kitchen again only this time we’re going green


that’s just one wall & do you know how long it took to take all that stuff & wash it & put it all back took?  between painting & letting the wall dry , more than a day I can tell you that! lol!History of all my stuff will come later

meanwhile I painted my canister lids black, red is my first love but wasn’t working with the green ho ho ho!


did I mention we’re turning  two walk in closets into his & her closets lol!everything will happen in due time one room at a time in-between sewing, road trips, playing with grandkids & just life in general

and yet I still find things to get into, this challenge is perfect for all that animal print I have in my stash that at the time I never know what processes me to buy, maybe sales! lol!

Jungle January Challenge

I’ve always admired the spool quilts, this  Rainbow Scrap Challenge would be perfect to get one started

RSC 15 

Sherri over at  A Quilting life also has a scrappy challenge going


there's’ still time if you’d like to join in The Monthly Stitch’s challenge for Jan


Pattern Review  has a copy cat challenge going on

I’m not sure I’ll jump in on this one  but I’m jumping on board for the  Feb. challenge, I found  a pattern for pj’s with matching pattern for the American doll included as well, after sewing 2 sets of pj’s & 2 doll pj’s I should have those buttonholes mastered  yes we’re talking twins here lol!my daughter has a JoAnn's close by so there’ll be fun fabric shopping & sewing bonding going on soon!

it’s a cold damp rainy day here, so no painting, so It’ll be a sewing, reading, old movies soup eating kind of day!

what kind of day are you having?

It's overcast and raining. Therefore, I proclaim -- it's a no bra, no make-up kind of day.


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Organizing and house cleaning is no fun.. I have been trying to do that too..eeeh..
Have fun and enjoy those grandkids.

Michelle F said...

I look forward to updates on your house.
The green looks good. Black, for the lids, fantastic choice.

Btw, the pj's sound terrific!
I like American Girl dolls.