Sunday, January 18, 2015



one in  awhile my daughter will want to test her sewing skills & pull me in with her which we laugh & say are we bonding? lol!this go round it was purses & oh course the pattern left you to your own imagination as to how to figure out the pattern’s calculations, thanks to my son-n-law’s math smarts & design skills he was soon able to produce us with  the pattern lol!

so  the fabric is laid & the fun begins


halfway through the girls think we need a break, what better than a puppet show !


we resume our stations & stay at it till of course when it was time for that dinner break lol! but we hung in & waa laa!

my daughters purseRed heartmy purse ®


mine came out a tad smaller  at the opening (top)due to me puling my pleats in further but still had the same size bag & roominess inside, we quilted the fabric by adding batting in between & sewing at an angle all the way across then the opposite way giving a diamond pattern, the quilting would not show up for pictures the straps are quilted by making 4 straight rows, they are also lined, who knew I’d ever make a purse & line one at that! lol!

we talked about  our next “bonding” day  & I reminded her of the children's challenge I’m wanting to do for P/R I decided to do pj’s for the twins & matching pj’s for their American Dolls which I was told they weren’t the real deal shhhhhh! lol! anyways she asked when I was going to do that & said Feb. her reply was I can't wait that long I want to make a  rag quilt  lol! lol!

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Michelle F said...

I love a puppet show.
As the only girl in my family its been years since I've seen a puppet show.

Enjoy your bonding time and your beautiful purses!