Tuesday, February 24, 2015


If there’s one thing we love to do is make cookies!, the older granddaughters more or less like to make them on their own but will join in on the Holidays  but the  little ones still hang in there with me lol! I had mentioned that there will be a cabinet designated  for cookie/candy/ice cream making at any given moment, this made their eyes lit up along with some wows!

so what goes in such a cabinet? Pinterest is good  for such dreams lol!

Organized Baking Supplies

just look at all those sprinkles! lol!

A whole cabinet of sprinkles and stuff for cupcakes & cake decorating!

Store Cupcake Liners in mason jarcookie cutter storage and christmas decor, fill large PartyLite glass candle holders, kitchen Christmas decor, www.partylite.biz/breannataylor

by this weekend we will hold the key in our hands & plans of many memories will begin



the owner took a few pictures of the sunrise, I can’t wait to wake up to to see this glorious sight



this will be our view every morning, we can see it from the kitchen, the sun room or having coffee on the deck, I am still so over whelmed with joy & the awesomeness of God’s blessings , his plans for me in this home are so much more than mine & I can not wait to begin this journey


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

I am so excited for you. Cant wait, until you get the keys and start this journey..
I want a cookie pantry now.. [and I sure don't need one.lol]

Maurine Huffines said...

Hey Helen:
where are you?
are you not on facebook any more.
I love your cookie/candy/pantry entry.
I wish you would send me an email at wmhuffines@comcast.net
I'm missing you.
Been sick for long time.. days better, some worse..
send me an email,
long lost friend.

Nanna said...

Good to see you're still clicking right along Maurine the pic's of the candy cabinets are images from pinterest, the sunsets are real lol! I'm off of FB for a while but will get up with you soon!