Friday, February 20, 2015



I have talked myself into the sewing room being the first room I address upon moving, ohhh how I hope it’s as big as it is in my head lol! as I have dreams of a design  wall, a sitting area, a cutting are, yea yea dream a little dream for me…lol! since my first show will be in Nov. that’s like 8 months away I think it’s safe to pack up all doll making supplies,

this is just one side of the room so guess I need to start taking things off the wall

if you’d like to see the sewing room before I dismantle it , you can see it here

see my chair at the desk? that came from my father-n-law from an old telephone office years & years ago that went out of business he had worked at, my daughter is going to help me paint & recover it, so keep an eye out for that chair!

remember al the space “in my head” lol! I want these stackable cubbies to replace all the odd bookcases I have now all across & up the wall behind  2 long white tables for cutting , think I can do it?  I can in my head lol!

one good thing about the windows are that they’re high up which gives me plenty of wall space to work with, which “in my head” I have a wicker sitting area under them lol! so here’s  the beginning of my wish list for the sewing room

cutting tables

sewing station

Ironing station

crafting/painting station

sitting area

coffee/tea station

quilt design wall

cubby bookcases


Another ida for a crafting roomlove this sewing roomA crafting room....ahhhhhh!Smashed Peas and Carrots: My Sewing Studio Tour-The Reveal!-- so many great storage ideas!Organize Everything on the Back of a Door

in less than a week I will be able to get in there & start creating my dream room! there’s other projects throughout the house we’ll be working on like the gallery wall in the dinning room but first I guess I’d better get to packing the sewing room, my new sewing room is way bigger than the present one so my wish list doesn’t scare me! lol!


Deanna said...

your sewing room has lots of character!
packing is such a lot of work,

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

OH.. this is going to be so fun.. Can not wait to see your new sewing room/and new house.. Have fun and enjoy..
Loved that organizer on that closet door..Great idea. Thanks for sharing them all.

Nothy Lane said...

A very big job but also a fun one too.