Wednesday, March 25, 2015


another beautiful day at the house, the geese are letting me get closer, maybe they’re learning to tolerate me lol!


I went out to the house for the sole purpose to work on the sewing room, that’s hard to do when I keep going outside , Lord help me  when I get all moved in ,how will I ever get any sewing done? lol!

I folded fabric & folded more fabric lol! have you seen where you take  a quilting ruler to fold fabric?  I laid it out like you normally do for cutting


then take it & fold in 1/2 end to end & turn with folded end facing you, place ruler at the end


start folding



slide ruler out  & fold the end facing you toward the folded part


then from  right end  fold in 1/2


turn facing end toward you, you should have a smooth end


you can fold again, giving you a more square look, I choose to leave it this was because of the width of my shelves


there's more folding to be done, perhaps a weeks worth lol! then there’s all my fabrics for garment sewing, it will stay on fabric  boards, just gotta figure out how to display them in that oh so cute kind of way lol! hopefully I’ll get the sewing room done this weekend, I’ve got another metal desk to move, gotta go get a board to make a  quilt design wall, tons of more sewing stuff, mercy I can’t list it all, I never knew it’d take this long but then I’ve never had such  a big room lol!

as the day came to an end we were able to get a pair of the geese in flight which is hard to do!


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Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Such a beautiful place.. No wonder, you want to go outside..
Your sewing room is going to be fantastic.. Cant wait to see it.