Sunday, March 15, 2015


I couldn’t get another thing into  my edge the other day & it didn’t even put  a dent in the sewing room lol! Hubby took some of the furniture in the truck, he’s sweet that way lol! speaking of sweet he bought me a white table for a cutting table, so that takes care of my cutting area, whoo hoo!

can you guess what else I got for the sewing room?


upon going out to the house I was met with my daughter & my sister, when all was unloaded into the sewing room, they said ok what’s next? I said that’s it, they replied  you’re kidding right? you just brought sewing stuff! I laughed & said that’s all that would fit in this load lol! I’m hoping to take another load of sewing stuff tomorrow ok maybe a few dishes lol I may have to pull a few all nighters to get the sewing room set up,I’m leaning towards teal so you'll see  a lot of teals & browns , can you tell I’m excited  about my new sewing room ?



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