Monday, April 27, 2015


2015 Wardrobe Contest

4 bottoms

3 tops

1 sewers choice

1 premade or retail coordinating garment

cutting out & making a palate type pants from the print began to produce happy thoughts but with  a little less than three weeks to go & it dawns on me that all my tops will be solid & all my bottoms will be solid, except for the one print, no personality what so ever what was I thinking!


ok so there’ll be pants in the print that can go with either solid, I could go back for more print & make a maxi skirt , pull in something black for my fabric of choice & that covers the  3 bottoms but then there’s  the 4 tops, even if I make a printed top there’s still the purple, blue, & pink that is the same as the bottoms

am I the only one in the challenge that’s gone insane? lol!my first thought was maxi’s thus coordinating the print ( 4 bottoms) brain wasn’t working for 4 tops that day lol! there has to be 5  photos of 5 coordinating outfits

maybe I should change the print , what do you think? oh well ,I think maybe  I’ll  give my brain a rest & just finish sewing  & rethink this later

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Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Hi Nana, you sound so much like me.. I always rethink, my first thought. I like the idea of adding the print pants, and still having the solid tops.. \What ever you decide, sounds great to me.. Have fun sewing.