Wednesday, May 6, 2015



with all my sewing equipment, fabrics  notions, I mean everything is at the other house it has forced me to be there way too much ha ha I’m no dummy why you think I moved the sewing room first? lol!I have gotten past my issues with the print I chose for the PR challenge & cut into it & made a pair of pants


4 tops have to match & coordinate with 3 bottoms & no other print will do that  leaving solids but I wont think about that this late in the game , just sew it all & be done lol!my daughter decided to come over & whip her something up for Mothers day, so we had a fun day sewing

the girls had told me  that the next trip out to the house I needed to bring  a TV & movies, so I did lol!it kept them happy & content  while we sewed


they said next trip bring a  couch lol! if I listen to them they’ll  have us moved into the house in no time!

yesterday I caught up with a dear friend & we had a blast spending the whole day  being silly & catching up, we started out  with a Chinese lunch, plus a perfect tie to wear my polka dots for made me march, cha ching!


we went by Hancock's, who says you can’t have fun in a fabric store? lol!


at the Nursing Home Carol & I met the most beautiful woman, Mrs. Georgia Chappell


 she is 97 yrs young,wow! what a History! when we enter her room we have church! she had her door wide open this morning as not to miss us when we walked by , it's not what Carol & I do at the Nursing Home but it's what God does through us & we give him all the glory!


I cut into my pink fabric using  a Vogue skirt, supposedly a simple pattern, which the pattern it’s self is but boy is it big! like tent big lol! I had read where Vogue patterns run small , not this one!there’s not much time left for hackin patterns lol! I’ve got to get speedy busy like Project Runway busy lol!

as you can guess I’m headed to the house, to sew, take pictures, hack patterns lol!oh before I go, the Blue Heron came back! he comes every time it rains!


Terry's  off this coming week, maybe  next trip we’ll bring  a couch! lol!

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