Wednesday, June 17, 2015



Do you like to display your fabric, hide it in totes or where ever you can stash it? I actually have  a friend that has a room & it’s full from floor to ceiling all around, not kidding! plus she  has a shed full of totes filled with fabrics but yet she tells us she is not  a fabric hoarder that she uses it all, God love her! lol!

ok back to how we fold fabric, I love for mine to be out , fabrics for attire  is on blots,if you hit your fabric shop up near closing time you can get all the  fabric boards before they get thrown in the dumpster lol!


fabrics for crafts, doll making, quilts etc, folded ever so neatly on  this big teal shelf


most of it is 1-2 yards, some are remints  just big enough  for a quilt strip or square, but can you tell the difference? it’s hard to tell huh? I used the ruler method where you fold it on a quilting ruler & slide it out

why all the fuss over fabric? well Faye over at  got me thinking with her post this morning lol!

come show time  when I reach to make a doll dress will I remember which pieces are 2 yards & which ones are remnants? lol! there’s a good tip on Faye's blog, so pop on over & check it out!

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