Tuesday, August 25, 2015




praying all my friends & family a blessed day in the Lord! no matter what you see around you, look for the beauty & you'll be sure to find it!

blogging is  a little slower than I’d like these days as goggle's giving me fits, we recently  had to change cable companys due to the move & since I don't have that email  Google doesn’t recognize me, I tried to reset the password, now I have  2 accounts  & it wont let me  delete it, mercy! I can still post  just can’t get into to my dashboard & work on my sidebar or add anything but all is well it’ll come together soon, if I have to pay for it lol! meanwhile we have these huge mushrooms growing in the front yard, I’ve never en any this big !

11039244_10200835729411119_2051045478124127001_n[1]  11898619_10200835729651125_8262653294007011182_n[1]11887832_10200835729851130_9217813835554145608_n[1]

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