Thursday, August 20, 2015





there might as well been red lights flashing, sirens going off as I stood there thinking, I knew I should of pped 1st baaa haaaa haaaa but all was  well! it was over ! & I've moved on! my youngest daughter soon brought cake baaaa haaaa!!!!


it was hubbys B’day, more about Mr Potato head on my cooking blog

all is well, as after long thought out thinking & praying I’ve decided to go with medical help with this weight loss , seems like the older I get the bigger I get no matter what I do, my body refuses to go pass 10lbs, with all the health issues in my family I just want to be healthy

ok enough about that, being surrounded with geese I’ve found the perfect coffee mug & counting down the days till it gets here! happy! happy! joy! joy!



I ‘m filling the sunroom with big plants, once I get these where they go I’ll be able to see how many more I have room for lol!


the geese were partying in the front yard when we got home the other day


we’ve had a lot of rainy mornings



my love for polka dots still grows

I will either make or buy that skirt lol! although with shipping I probably could make two lol!


trying new recipes


with the Holidays coming up, the grand babies look forward to making cookies, with eight there’s no worries they’ll  eat um faster than I can think about it lol!


I noticed that my red oaks are turning green, a sure sign Fall is on it’s way regardless of these high 90’s tempts


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