Tuesday, June 2, 2009


With the summer months upon us, we love quick & refreshing meals to get us through the day, today's recipe is an old favorite with a new twist, I got this recipe from sister who claimed it was good so we tried it & yes it was good

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you will need............

ground beef(could also use chuck,turkey etc)

1 pkg.taco bell seasoning

Sm. jar chunky Pace salsa(or salsa of your choice)


tostadosbits(or chips of your choice)

shredded lettuce


shredded cheese


1c. mayo

1c.sour cream

2c. chopped tomatoes

1 bag Hormel bacon pieces

mix & chill while preparing meat

cook beef with onions,add 1 pkg taco seasoning with water according to pkg.directions,add salsa, arrange chips on plate, meat mixture, lettuce cheese,meat mixture, top with dip

for a pretty look you can leave tomatoes out of dip & arrange on salad, dip is also good eaten alone with chips, I think this is a recipe that can go a lot of different ways, although the next go around I will be looking for lower salt ingredients, sorry sis but I don't love salt as much as you do LOL


Deb said...

looks yummy and easy...you can also make it healthier with turkey or chicken...will have to write this one down...

BECKY said...

This all looks delish, Nanna!! I'm all for good and fast!! Too hot to heat up the kitchen too long!!

Hope your week is going well!!