Friday, January 29, 2010


Are you ready for spring, what does Spring hold for you, come on now I know you've been thinking about it LOL, who's house will we eat Easter dinner this year, how will we decorate, what plans are we secretly doodling how we want our yards to look LOL, what new craft designs are buzzing around in your head, will you do Spring shows this year, will you try your hand at gardening, I'm thinking of trying my hand at growing herbs & keeping a bird journal, we have the most interesting birds fly through here, just yesterday the tree was full of little birds that had a rusty brownish red chest with blue heads , it's not hard to think of spring when you have weather going from the 20's up to the 60's back & forth, makes the poor birds & flowers so confused LOL

but my sweet Peaches & me say come Spring come! for we want to play in the dandelions again!



Yea !! come on, spring... it's snowing here..but if January is almost gone, can spring be far behind.. oh well, good sewing weather, right...
gotta wheel over to the sewing machine and get busy.. Let the war begin !!!Helen, ya hear me !!!


Nanna said...

LOL I hear ya! it looks like we're in for some heavy rain here, but as fate would have it, always gotta be somewhere else during good sewing weather LOL, maybe next week I'll put on my thunderstorm tape & pretend it's raining LOL LOL

Deb said...

oh what a cute photo...longing for spring here in Texas

Anonymous said...

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