Thursday, April 1, 2010


Warm weather has sprung, well for the moment so far LOL it has been in the high 70's/80's most of the week, debating wheter or not to pull the whole house outside & start all over LOL LOL, oh well we'll start with one room at a time & see how it goes LOL

I have an antique table that I put a few of my antique crates on & gave it a different look,by the way, anybody know how to remove a water stain from wood, it was there when I bought but hey for $10 I couldn't say no LOL, ok back to playing with the table

if all else fails on removing the stain I'll just look for a bigger Dollie, or something, humm I shall think about that tomorrow, the drink crates I've had for years, the Pepsi crate is a four box one it use to hold the big Pepsi's, not quite as big as a 2 liter, it holds my husbands Louie Lamar westerns

The tricycle planter I purchased at Hobby Lobby a few years back & sister pulled it together with the grasses thingy isn't she a sweetie? LOL,there's evena little bird's nest peeking out

I purchased these sweet bunnies at Hobby Lobby last year, aren't they the sweetest peeking out?

you may rememebr a few weeks back I had these crates on this table but with a different look, I think I like the bunnies best, don't you?

so here we have the before & after of the antique table




Sherry from Alabama said...

Ooops! I'm too early for Pink Saturday, but while I'm here I wanted to wish you a blessed Easter.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

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