Sunday, April 4, 2010


Today's selection is an old classic AT THE CROSS

click melody in the upper left hand coner for the music

I serve a risen savior, he's in the world today
I know that he is living whatever men may say
I see his hand of mercy, I hear his voice of cheer
And just the time I need him, he's always near
He lives He lives Christ Jesus lives today
He walks with me and talks with me
Along lifes narrow way
He lives he lives, salvation to impart
You ask me how I know he lives
He lives within my heart
ohh how touching & true the words of this old classic is today, Jesus came to set the captives free, he died that we may live, reach out & touch him today, rejoice that he lives within you

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Charlotte said...

Happy Easter! My mother used to sing or hum "At the Cross' whenever she rocked a baby to sleep. And so did I and now my daughters! Thank you for the memories.