Saturday, May 22, 2010


Welcome to Pink sat. which is hosted by Beverly over at How Sweet The Sound, there you will meet many great links that'll take you on a wonderful journey filled with pinkie goodness, right when you think you've shown all the pinks possible that pink fairy pops up & zaps something with her pink fairy dust LOL

the quilt I'm working on has more blue but have to
admit there's some pinks popping up , humm could this be the work of the pink fairy LOL
take a good look around, you might just find that the pink fairy's been buzzing around your house LOL I seen this picture a few years back & it just made me smile, little did I know back then that the pink fairy was working her magic LOL not thinking anything about it being pink cause I'm not a pink person LOL this picture called me to take it home & it's been in the sewing room ever since
I've had this pictures for years, It was a gift from friend many years ago when I started re doing the sewing room, I thought it too foo foo to go with my new prim look, turns out , there's not much prim going on in there LOL just hope it's doesn't turn into too much foo foo before it's over with LOL but figures 'd better put all that fabric to use but I do love this picture as it reminds me of a sweet friendship, maybe I'll turn the guest room into a foo foo room LOL


nannykim said...

Oh yes, that pink fairy has been busy!!! It made me smile.

Rebecca said...

Happy Pink Saturday my friend! I'm a "Nana" too! My favorite thing to be.

That little pinky fairy has been busy! Huh?


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

I just love that last picture!! I really speaks to me...such sweet dolls!!


Marydon Ford said...

Very pretty pink fairy touches ...

Have a great weekend.
TTFN ~Marydon

Amisha said...

The quilt looks beautiful!

CC said...

Ohhh, I loved the quilt..and the sweet pictures are just adorable. I would have loved to have found those.
Happy late PS...have a wonderful week.