Tuesday, May 11, 2010


As summer approaches we lean toward more what we think is refreshingly good to eat, not sure if that was a word but it sounds good LOL, over at http://blessedwithgrace.blogspot.com/ you'll find lots of refreshingly recipes to try, so be sure to go by & say hi to Lisa who is our sweet host of Tempt My Tummy Tuesdays
do you ever have one of those rare stay at home moments, nobody calls, nobody needs you , a day you can click your heels & say awww there's no place like home,well yesterday started that way, do you ever get excited to clean the house LOL trust me if you're on the go all the time that will become a joy within it's self LOL so here we go, wash those cloths! wash those dishes! faa laa laa la la la la aww I think I shall make homemade chicken-n-dumplings you know the kind you get messy rolling out LOL , & peach cobbler, it's all good , The Night Of The Museum is coming on, peach cobbler's done whoo hoo! Date Night! LOL LOL then the phone rings, No! don't answer that! oh man it was work begging please please please, now mind you this was date night LOL oh well more for me! LOL & he's off all week so they'll be lots of road trips, tweekign the house, working in the yard oh yea I'm making a list LOL LOL

just melt one stick of butter into a baking dish( I like country crock) & melt in the microwave) add a can of peaches


1 cup flour

1cup sugar

1 cup milk

whisk together & pore of peaches bake till golden brown, top with ice cream & waa la

I can't wait to take the grandkids back to pick peaches again this summer, the twins are 2 now maybe they'll get to go, I'm gonna need a van LOL


Deanna said...

Looks wonderful!!!!

Samantha said...

Oh, I love fresh peaches !!
So yummy !

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh my goodness that sounds devine, that is my favorite ice cream and haven't it allowed in my house in forever .. lol.

what fun picking peaches! Stopping by from TMTT, new follower :)