Tuesday, June 8, 2010


With Summer now upon us it's time to think , watermelon, bar-b-ques, ice cream, hot dogs awwww lemon aid, do you have big plans for lots of cookouts, fun at the lake, baseball games & all the fun that comes with Summer.

I can't wait till the wild blackberries come out, there's a place near us where they grow like crazy & worth the picking LOL, we were able to get a lot last year
& peaches, awww doesn't like fresh peaches,we had so much fun taking some of the grandaughters to pick peaches last year & it is on our to do list again this year

fresh fruit always makes it's way to a birthday party, a social event etc. just can't go wrong with fresh fruit

and there'll be lots of cookie baking, sometimes we just bake um & eat um , sometimes we make up a varirty plate for friends & family

there'll be new things to try out this Summer as well, one is to tackel making gourmet apples, a lady sits beside me at my Christmas show & they are sooo good
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gnee said...

Nice array of goodies here! Actually the fresh fruit looks so good...I'm heading for the store. That is one of my favorite things about summer!

Pam said...

Your fruit dish looks delicious. The perfect thing for a summer party. I love this time of year when we can purchase "good" fruit.