Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Summer is a time for fresh garden veggies, watermelon, baseball, hot dogs , the list of fun just keeps going but today I'm sharing with you the abundance of wild plums, these were perfect no worm holes, no bird pecks, don't think they knew about them yet, but they did before we left , you should of heard all the chirping going on LOL
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first they get a good wash, then cooked down, then into the blender, LOL that's right the blender, it's amazing how it knows to spit the seeds out then cooked according to directions, different fruits require different amounts of sugar then measured out into individual jars then the water bath, then cooled down then add that special touch for sharing


A Write Life said...

Mmmm plums. Very nice. Have a great week.

Picket said...

Morning sister...oooohhhhh you did good girl...you take after our aunt Anniebell so much..I couldn't even begin to make jelly..it'd end up looking like a jar of play dough! Now what I want on my Christmas list is a jar of that homemade BLACKBERRY JELLY you make!!! I'm just sayin'! Hope you're having a great week...love you!


Looks Yummy ... and so pretty , too.
You did good !!


Nanna said...

aww you twoo are so sweet! LOL & yes blackberry is coming as well as peach LOL

Cranberry Morning said...

Those jars are beautiful! Almost like comfort food for the eye!


My husband's family live in West Texas and always have wild plums....thus wild plum jelly. My mother-in-law makes such good jellies and jams. I would love to know how you make your pickles.