Monday, November 1, 2010


welcome to blue Monday, which is hosted by sally over at last week my grand daughter celebrated her 12th birthday, daughter can you come set up her party & work your magic ~lol~ so I gather things together, load up & off I go, looked as if I was never coming back with all my stuff ~lol~in between all that fun I helped my daughter deliver cakes, played with the twins, needless to say I was there till 1:00 am ~lol~ ok on with the party ~lol~

my son-n-law made her this cake stand, this was the first time to attempt to make a topsy turvey cake or what ever thy call it ~lol~ & it was still standing time of the party ~whew!~the flowers & dots are made of fondant, everything but the pole in the middle is eatable, now on to my side of the room

she wanted balloons every where so that's what she got ~lol~ I even lined up the rails coming up the stairs from the front door & going down to the down stairs ~lol~ the table was set with goodie bags consisting of nail polish, lip gloss etc. 12 friends would be treated to a trip to the beauty salon where they would get their hair & nails done

Oreo balls dipped in white chocolate, drizzled with pink tinted white chocolate, made to look like suckers (my idea) ~lol~ anyways Courtney loved it when she saw them, I got a "cool! Nanna! so that means I did good, right? ~lol~

while she was partying & at the beauty salon with her friends, paw paw & me went on a road trip, we actually went to a craft festival, now I know that doesn't sound exciting to you but it was, for you see we're always setting up at shows not visiting ~lol~ a local church was having a pancake breakfast& let me tell you! there was more than just pancakes! after the festival , down the road a ways was a huge quilt show held outside & in two buildings, lot's of blues there Sally! ~lol~ we struck out at 6:00am that morning & got home around10:00pm it was a wonderful long day, pictures? I know I did! ~lol~ about 84 or so! ~lol~ so be sure to check back soon for more on our road trip


Auntie E said...

What a wonderful party idea. Love the Cake, Quite unique. the oreo balls looks great, Yes you made it nana. It is always great to see their faces light up. happy Blue Monday.

SmilingSally said...

What a perfect 12th birthday your granddaughter had. How nice to have Nanna to help. I loved that cake!

Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to all your other blues. Happy Blue Monday, Helen.

JEANNE said...

Hi Helen, this is such a fun post. The cake is awesome. I know the party was a blast. I know yu are a cool grandma to work so hard for this party.
Hugs, Jeanne

Donnie said...

Everything looks great and I'm sure your granddaughter loved it.

shopannies said...

looks like a wonderful party

Peggy-Just A Plain Gal said...

Wow! It sounds like quite a party! The cake looks terrific...soooo pretty! Thanks for visiting my blog!