Saturday, November 27, 2010


Do you remember the pretty flowered hankies, back in the 70's my husbands grandmother always got me a box of handkerchiefs for Christmas, I think I have one hankie left somewhere around here, such handkerchiefs are now considered vintage & can't be found unless you spy one in an antique shop but I'd hope for a new unused one lol, I've been on a hankie search for a few years simply because they remind me of her & they bring back such precious memories.

there is a vendor at the Christmas show that I do every year who buys them whole sale & makes the most beautiful angels out of them but refuses to sell just the hankie even when I offer to pay the angel price, so I went on a hankie search if you will lol

oh glory! there they were, new vinatge handjerchiefs & very reasonaly priced

I can't wait to click that "buy" button! LOL

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