Monday, December 6, 2010


Welcome to another week of Blue Monday, you can find more wonderful Blue Monday participants by visiting Sally over at our sweet host of Blue Monday

with all the going going going & shows & everything else that 's squeezed into normal everyday life, I'm finally to the place where I can get excited about cleaning & organizing the house getting it all ready for Christmas, the first room to get tweaked was the office, I took all the books off & gave them a good dusting & rearranging, the rearranging made room for future book purchases ~lol~

I took some of our old Bibles yea I said some ~lol~ isn't it funny how there's something about a bible you just gotta keep it, there's bibles my husband had as a boy, Bible his great grandparent gave him, etc, there's the bible my mother-n-law gave me at our wedding & on & on & On, ok back to where the blue comes in ~lol~ I took one of my crates & put some of the older Bibles in it & arranged the top of the bookcases to my liking, as you can see one is in need of some tender loving care with tape ~lol~
as you can see I still have a few shelves needing tweaking , the tree's up in the office, nooo you can't see it, cause it's in green's ~lol~ but when I get to the guest room that tree will be in blue's ~lol~ people laugh cause I get excited about staying home to clean but I've been so busy with parents anniversary, baby showers, grand kids birthdays, church dinners, we just had a Christmas bazaar, Church Christmas decorating whew! the next three weeks are non stop on the busy, mom's 75th B'day, Church Christmas dinner, one of our sweet mothers is having a baby, there are about 8 b'days in the family, maybe more I lost count lol, our anniversary, it'd take a whole post just to tell what all's happening in the next 3 weeks & that's why I'm excited to be home! lol


Jingle said...

these blue book covers are cute.
Happy Blue Monday.

SmilingSally said...

A well-worn (well-read) Bible is surely a treasure.

Happy Blue Monday, Helen.

Donnie said...

I love your photos. The Bibles are really sweet. You made me tired just hearing all you have yet to do. Happy Blue Monday.

Joy said...

I like the button jars above the books too! Happy Reading!

imriz said...

what a busy schedules you have there. well, december surely is the busiest month ever!