Friday, December 10, 2010


so much to do, will there be enough time to do it all? ~lol~when you have more than one blog do you post special occasions such as Holidays on both or just the one humm decisions decisions ~lol~ we just finished up with the Christmas Bazaar at the church & decorating the sanctuary,(I'll grab picture Sun.) you'll find pictures of the bazaar over on my raggedys blog, we've been getting ready for our Tour Of Lights party for friends & family but not fast enough, I 've been working on the office & there's eight more rooms to go, whew! oh & did I mention the outside,burrrrr ~lol~

here's a hint of the tree in the office, I added some golds this year & still tweaking & thinking about making some more somethings to add to it

starting Monday I will be posting rooms as I get them ready for our Tour of lights, but shhhhhh don't let on that you got ot see first! ~lol~ I've tweaked the bookcases, still a few shelves to go but I'm loving how they're turning out

still lots to do in the office, theres' a huge silk tree behind the computer desk that needs lights, there's an arch behind the regular desk that gets Christmas cards, well you get the picture~lol~

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