Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The lazy days of Summer that is !~lol~ you’d think they were with all the rain & cool temps we’ve had these past few days,with our Ladies Conference coming up this weekend, there’s two more work days planned to get everything done, today is ironing day whew! all those chair covers/table cloths/sashes ohhh let’s don’t think about that right now LOL we all decided we’d work hard & have everything done by Thur night so we could have a free day Fri, to rest, get nails done, whatever!


So this will be all of us come Fri. LOL



Edie Marie's Attic said...

You girls have a wonderful time! I just know you will. And I think a day of pampering and spending on yourself is well deserved after ironing tablecloths!!!

Wish I could be a mouse to see the fun! Hugs, sherry

Michelle said...

I hope the cooler temps are here to stay.
I have switched my Spring/Summer clothes for Autumn/Winter clothes.
Lows yesterday was 55...highs today is 80.