Sunday, September 4, 2011



piano have you ever awaken to the sound of rain?It was raining ever so softly early this morning around 4:30 am, since I was up I decided  ok why not so I make coffee, & research poems on rain , you know me & my poems! LOL, when you have time you should type in Judy Jacobs “WE Agree”on you tube, she sings a powerful song on Believing God for  a latter rain, the Bible speaks of a latter rain coming of an outpouring of God’s power, a time of refreshing & renewing of the spirit

Soft Rain

A soft rain falls outside my window,its sounds play in consonance with
the steady rhythm of my heart.
I watch mesmerized as each liquid bead
bounces off budding greenery, flower petals, and
blades of freshly mown grass.
With a splatter, each burst forth into tiny crystal rivulets,
randomly rushing headlong on their cursory course
to a pre-arranged destiny of final absorption.
Light rain. Spring rain. Latter rain.
It fills my soul. My cup overflows.
As quickly as it had begun,
this afternoon shower is almost done.
Comforting – soothing – relaxing – this spring rain is.
It washes the earth and cleanses the heart,
leaving my inner being composed and serene.
Ever so gently, it lulls me into a welcoming nap.
I wake refreshed.
From my window, as I soak in the beauty of a freshly bathed earth,
I see sunlight sparkling through silken threads of dwindling raindrops.
Renewed and invigorated, I stretch relaxed muscles and
breathe in ionic-charged air.
For the moment, peace prevails
deep within the recesses of my soul.
With it, a tranquility is sustained,
like the vibrancy of green after the rain.

*Words in brackets added
© Poem Soft Rain By Deborah B. Adams May 2005

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