Monday, October 10, 2011



Remember  a few weeks back I said I was in pear twilight zone? LOL LOL, well three days non stop & no water was rough let me tell you, prier to getting all the pears from a friend, our water line busted & hubby was headed out of town, man what a mess! soooo all week I’d have to run down the hill turn the water on, gather water, run back down the hill, turn water off, what a mess! but I survived lol I wound up with pear sections

pear04I’d never put up pears before,we opened  a jar last night to test them out, tender & sweet, yeah! I did something right! LOL, wasn’t too sure which recipe to go with for pear butter but this I know, if I ever make it again I’ll not use the ginger , it taste ok, juts don’t care for ginger taste that much & hubby wont touch it with a 10 ft pole pear03

LOL then there was pear preserves, not sure if that’s right, haven’t opened one of the jars yet, but I can tell you there’s a lot & I mean a lot of pear eating  to be eaten over here, hummm Merry Christmas anybody? LOL  pear05

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Sue sweet as she is has told us all there’s more, actually tons of pears still ready to pick ughhhhhh, if & that's a big IF lol I accept more pears I think I shall go the halved in the light  syrup route only ,as I was very pleased with myself on the 1st try at doing that

oh & yes the waters fixed with twice the pressure now  woo hoo!

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Michelle said...

How wonderful all the pears you have canned.
Several years ago I bought jars with the thought I would do some canning.
The idea never took place so I got rid of the jars. Oh well, it was a nice thought.