Wednesday, November 16, 2011



pepper How pretty is that lol  I bought this  pepper sauce from a sweet lady  a few tables down from me at my Christmas show, I look forward to seeing her every year as she is a joy to talk with , not only is she sweet , she wrote down how she made it, she does the water bath method  which makes it great for gift giving, I can’t wait to try my hand at making my own pepper sauce

I’m also trying my hand at growing herbs, I have a few recipes  put back to try out , for example, doesn’t this bread look  delicious?  Garlic & Herb Bread

we’d had a new kitchen store open up in the Mall & they sell those cute bottles you see peppers & herbal dressings etc in , yea I wantta try this to with my herbs,    How to Infused Olive Oil with Rosemarypepper sauce how to and labels  if they grow that is!LOL it’s not even the Holidays yet & I’m getting excited for the new Summer's that’s coming LOL


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Muhammad Atif said...

These looks sweet gifts for sharing on different occasions.