Monday, November 14, 2011



the phone rang early  it was my sister telling me that our Aunt had passed away, this now leaves my mom down to one sister out of seven brothers & sisters
my heart ached in so many different directions, my heart ached for my mom who is getting up in years & because of health reasons couldn’t  get out to attend her sisters funeral, my heart ached for my cousins, Pam, Mary, Bill, Gary, Terry & Danny who now have lost both parents & having to face the upcoming Holidays & explain to children & grand children why grandma isn’t there
with this & my show back to back made for a long weekend, along with my parents 61st wedding anniversary,CHRISTMAS06 051 there is much catching up to do with the Proverbs in 31 days & A confident Heart study I’m doing over on my Sitting at His feet blog,  Click Here to Learn More About The Proverbs in 31 Days     203607_136856323040519_6427887_n[1]
cleaning & getting the house back in order from all the sewing , painting, gunging slinging that’s been going on over here  for my show, now that it’s over it’s time to get ready for the Holidays, today I’m working on the office & I just may put up a tree in here when nobody’s looking LOL



So sorry about your loss of your aunt. Blessings to the family.
So your show was a success ? I'm so glad for you..
Such a busy lady but would you have time to send me an invite to your Instant Messenger since I had to resign up again..

Deanna said...

My sympathies to you about the death of your Aunt. May God comfort all of you.

So sorry,