Thursday, December 1, 2011



can you believe  we’re into week nine, how many recipes have you tried out, well I tell ya, I had to just stop buying chocolate chips & marshmallows, for I only made rocky road fudge abut 4 times LOL, I came across a recipes on pinterst called twice baked sweet potatoes & thought how sweet ! easy right? wellll maybe LOL, after it was all over & done with I decided to call it ……….WHAT NOT TO DO WITH TWICE BAKED SWEET TATERS LOL

1st you make double sure as to how long the recipe said to bake the sweet potatoes pot01

normally 1-2 hrs but in this case was too much  for this recipe, you’ll see why lolpot02

pretty right? lol the only one  ok ok I’ll show you,


when cut in 1/2 & scoped out you’re left with a boat to refill but when you bake reg. length of time  you get potato skin that has to be mashed into the shape of a boat lol, well we’re in it this far so on with the toppings


a little too heavy on the cinnamon lol, might as well follow through so proceed to melt marshmallows


now although this is still editable lol I would not serve it to company LOL so I scooped out  two & proceed to fix plates for lunch  chicken-n-dumplings, turnip greens & sweet potato casserole??? as  nothing happened LOL pot06

now say you try this recipe  at the last min & company’s knocking at the door & it looks like this humm what to do, all is not lost, you can still save face! you can redeem yourself! you can save your dignity! all is not lost & no one  will be the wiser, scoop out all sweet potatoes & mix all up & place in a pretty serving dish, add fresh marshmallows &place back in the oven 


clean up all the evidence of trying to make twice baked sweet potatoes & smile as though you meant  for it to be sweet potato casserole all along

I don’t like to let my recipes to get the best of me so I’ll be trying this one again lol twice baked sweet potatoes

recipe can be found at

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sue @ cakeballs, cookies and more said...

How funny is that? I so would have given up, I admit defeat easily when it comes to veggies.