Tuesday, December 6, 2011



but I believe I see a free day on the calendar lol! this week is full!  I mean full actually the whole month LOL, today is filled with finishing up decorating the church for Christmas, making sugar scrub, drying oranges,  working on decorating the house, getting ready for my tour of lights party, company Christmas dinner tonight & lets don’t leave out those domestic chores LOL rest of the week is filled with baking at the church, we’ve already begun to get loaded with orders, helping   decorate & set up for her grand opening of her business then her open house, supper & cookie baking with the grand kids,  whew!

but behold! I see a blank space on next week  is it true? is it a mirage? LOL could I’d forgotten to pencil something in? LOL  awww how good a solid white block looks on the calendar , a day of good movies, good books to curl up with, crafting awwww I am so there on the …… surely you didn’t think I’d say the date so you’d come up with something  for me to do or somewhere to go did you  ROTFLso remember shhhhhh! not  a word!

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Sue @ Cakeballs, cookies and more said...

LOL we all need those days, there are far too little of them.