Friday, February 24, 2012


Boy a week sure can go by fast can’t it lol! I’ve been back and forth are my daughters making outfits for the twins upcoming 4th birthday party outfits, finishing up the office,today I started in on the kitchen kitchen03

the  shelves in the cabinet I use for my pantry set deep & back to the point you can’t find anything in therekitchen05

   so I decided to swap everything & everybody around lol  so far I’ve only made it to one side of the kitchen, the pantry is being moved  to this cabinet where I keep some of my holiday dishes


see the light over the tablenewkit04

I’ve been collecting tea kettles, shifters, lard cans etc to hang all around itlard


back when I took the wall paper off & painted  the walls they were supposed to been a deep oatmeal but  way too white for me lol sooo they will be painted again soon & cabinets too

did you get a glimpse of the magazine in the first picture, doesn’t it look delicious! kitchen04

I’ve never noticed this one & knew it’d be a good on to take on my road trip, oh yea we’re going Antiquing bright & early, gonna head toward Tenn.

I hope to be finished with the kitchen next week & on to the next room as I don’t want anything to keep me from playing outside this Spring lol!

there’s   about 23 1/2 weeks till my first show so there’ll be lots going on in my sewing room which I will be posting on my Raggedys-N Prims  blog


Deanna said...

Hello! Fun to see what you have been up to!
God bless,

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

It sounds as if you have a lot of projects going on...I really think it is more fun that way! The magazine looks great!