Sunday, February 19, 2012

"I want to know more about My Jesus


Praise & worship songs  can be known as the best thing since buttered biscuits lol! but there’s always something  deep & meaningful about the older hymns, how many were raised on the “old red back hymnal”? If you love music you’ll really enjoy researching the older hymns & how they came about

I Want To Know More About My Lord was written by Lee Roy Abernathy

Lee Roy Abernathy was a wonderful asset to the world of gospel music. He contributed to the growth of gospel music in many ways. He was a masterful writer, arranger, promoter, and teacher of gospel music. He was quite creative in his techniques and his writings.

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It’s not so much in what songs we sing, how we sing  them, what church we attend, which way we choose to serve God , our goal should be to simply crave to know him more

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