Thursday, March 8, 2012


I said I want this house revamped & every room culled out & organized  from the 20 some odd years  we’ve been here,cause I don’t want nothing to keep me from playing outside this summer lol! I’m almost done with the kitchen, spent the better part of the day putting dishes here & there, moping, washing the boys (Joe, Gus, Shiloh) bowls, they’re so spoilt, they have their own heater lol!    


100_0931 then

Max’s bed       & he did not care for a clean bed LOL! he sleeps in a laundry basket, has his own pillow & blankie, we lost our sweet Peaches(L)  a few months ago , the kitchen almost got the best of me lol but I think I’ve about got it, remember when I took the wall paper offnewkit15

what a mess that was, as you can see the paper on the paneled wall had come off with it , after all that fun I set out to paint it a soft what was supposed to been a soft tan like,only to turn out to be more on the white side 


well this will just will not do lol I’ve tolerated it for about a year now & it’s gotta go lol meantime that’s when I decided to clean out, throw out,cull out lol! just a few more touches & I’m done with the kitchen whoo hoo then on to the next room! in between all the fun of cleaning, tossing & culling I visit my “I wantta play outside” board on Pinterest lol! Spring will be here soon then Summer & with 7 grandkids there’s lots of playing to be done lol I came across this today & thought hunmm I have old ties lol

tire planters

I’m going to try my best to grow Hollyhockshollyhocks

I have an old wheel barrelLove this.

how  sweet would this be

Birdhouse Garden

I want the porch to be fun,can’t you see a tea party happening here lol

 Budget friendly Decorating

yes there’s much to get done if I’m to play outside this summer! LOL!

Blanche caught in action!


jeanne said...

Good morning Helen, Your post made me smile so much this morning. I want some of your energy. Good job on your kitchen. A kitchen has to be the biggest job so you can feel very accomplished. I adored the photo of the boys. Losing a pet is so hard. We adore our little poodle soooo much. We have lost two.

Happy cleaning days to you and come on summer. Smile.
xo Jeanne

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

I need to do some Spring cleaning too!That porch does look like a great place for a tea party!