Tuesday, March 13, 2012


  can you believe I have nothing on my calendar for this week , neither can I ! ~lol~ there is  lady  from hubbys work wanting me to make  a raggedy but I wont hear from her till Thur. soooo I’ve been continuing with the cleaning, culling & throwing out

so wantta know what’s about to happen ? ~lol~ well remember my dream closet for hubby

Mens closet

ohh I’m so excited! we’ve talked about doing this come this weekend, he’s off, there’s no birthday parties, no dinners, no decorating, no traveling, no nuttin on the calendar shhhhhh! lets don’t say that out loud  but can you say yea! with me?~lol~

in-between there’s still a few rooms that’s getting their  new look with a few changes here & there,have you been over at my raggedys blog & seen the cute things I’m making for the sewing room

sooooo much to do & finally! sooo much time to do it in ~lol~

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