Friday, May 4, 2012


For most of us our sewing/craft/quilting/studio/rooms would be considered our “woman cave” lol! but since the sewing room is still under construction I’m turning my little room off the back of the house as you come through the back door into a woman cave lol! I’ve had so many dreams for this little room,  a sun room, a breakfast nook but as the saying goes use what you got for now sooo I pulled the bookcases out of the living room,they’re really too big for this room & over power it, took me forever to find them a happy stopping place lol & then  began to sort through all the books, still working on that, whew!, pulled the little TV back in, it’s in the corner by the chair, still some tweaking with the books & walls, today I’m  making curtains for my little woman cave lol! I hope to get it all completed in the next few days 

   den                                did you notice my antique school desk between the bookcases?

see what I found on pinterest? bet you can’t wait to see how I decorate mine lol!         

wonderful prim display


Deanna said...

Nanna, You're lady cave is neat!
i know you will decorate it to suit your eye candy needs!!! Awesome place to call your own.

Kristin G said...

Lady cave, that is awesome! I love it!!!