Thursday, May 31, 2012


Garment Sewing Challenge: May 2012

Time to say pooie ! lol!first I sew a whole row on my tiered skirt only to discover  it wouldn’t gather because I’d sewn it with a decorative stitch, which did not like the seam riper no sire re lol, well that was a good hour wasted, then I run out of thread, ohhh how could this happen, must of been that decorative stitch they eat up the thread lol soo back to town, oh how I hate to go to town “just for thread”,oh well I needed a new iron anyways lol, grabbed something to eat which wasn't a good choice,made me kinda sickie ,then back home, ok I can do this I’m soooooo close! & whatta you supposed happened next bee

yep! fell asleep at the machine lol! oh mercy & it’s after midnight  what a day! so I proudly wave my white flag,


but not as defeat for I will tackle this project this weekend


Maha Lub said...

noooooooo.... hope to see your garment anyway ;)

Pam said...

I hate going out just for one thing, too!!! Look forward to seeing your skirt when you finish it...

Ricochet said...

I've been tricked by that decorative too! The one that looks like a straight stitch? Curses!!! You'll get 'er done, and we're eager to see how it turns out. You're an awesome addition to this challenge. Thanks for joining us!