Wednesday, May 30, 2012




My comfort zone that is lol!I haven’t been feeling too good this week,sick

but then the phone rings, can you take me here? can you help me?well it’s not so bad that I can’t help a friend get to & fro from a colonoscopy appointment, I will delight sitting in the waiting room with my book I’ve been longing to get back to ,as I pass by my little “woman cave” the couch calls me, as I stand there I begin to dream of soft quilts & comfy pillows & a good classic old movie then I woke up & prepared to get ready to head out the door ,my garment for the “I Will Wear It In Public “ challenge is due tomorrow,perhaps I can go back to my dream next week for sure! lol!

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Deanna said...

God bless you!
Hope you get to feeling better soon.