Monday, October 1, 2012



I’ve never made one per say, but know a few that have, I thought how many things on this list I could do or actually do ,what inspires you for Fall?

how sweet would this be at the steps209417451392273910_SaSC6VBy_b[1]

I have an old wheelbarrow so I could do this     16114511136201412_oOLutko6_b[1]        this makes me want to make one even though I’m in the mist of working on two other  quilts already lol!247205467015977948_Irha6KlC_b[1] 97390410661415085_moJn0bhG_b[1]

apple picking would be fun,my drive would have to be to Tenn. lol! I love Tenn. in the Fall! we haven’t been on a picnic in a long time, that could be fun,what do you love about Fall? Now if you put seven grandkids & a Fall bucket list  together that could be one fun bucket list lol!



Maurine Huffines said...

what is a bucket list?
do I want to make one?
I still need help with my blogs.
Help !!
Remember when I helped you to learn about " stuff"?
Payback time !!

Southern Lady said...

Helen, thank you for stopping by my Southern Lagniappe blog, and for taking the time to leave a comment. I'm so glad it led me to Nanna's Place!

I enjoyed your Fall pictures and look forward to reading some of your other posts. Your blog is lovely.