Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I have been locked in the sewing room this past week, what a mess I’ve made in there getting  ready for my two day show,


you can see more  on that here


I didn’t even have time to make a new recipe for the 12 weeks of Christmas Treats. oh well this week for sure! my poor sewing room, see all the nakies laying about lol! see I’ve still got the bay window to do? that’s because I choose to cut off the sewing when I decided to give up one of my tables to my daughter who set up to raise funds for for our sweet new addition coming from China


we both did great! what will happen in the sewing room this week? (A.)will the sewing room get put back together ?  ( B)will those curtains get made?(C )will those nakies get finished? here’s a hint, my daughter’s doing a show at her church this weekend to help raise funds for adoption for our sweet new addition coming to the family very soon!


if you guessed “C” then you’re correct! I’ll be finishing up Annie's, Christmas ornaments & so forth to add to her booth this coming weekend

so what’s new on the agenda to get into lol





their main page is on Face Book


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, it will seem a little strange this year as I have a wedding to set up for out of town that week, so hubby is taking his dad & older brother to Virginia to see their younger brother, so this week breaks from the sewing room will involve getting the house ready for Christmas

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