Thursday, November 15, 2012


 Seems I’ve been locked away in the sewing room for the last two months sewing sewing sewing for my show & even though I’m still in there off & on lol now sewing things for my daughters show then I’ve decided to do another show in Dec, I know! sew crazy! lol! anyways back to the challenge, let’s make a scarf!

now doesn’t that sound like fun? lol!, come on, you know you want to! so hop on over & sign up lol!

other than  finding things to get into as though there’s not enough, I noticed the quilt that hangs in my bedroom is the same  pattern I’m doing for the Great granny Square Quilt Along, funny how it just stood out the other night lol! my husbands grandmother made this for our first Christmas together way back in 1975

it made me smile to think how she would of thought it was kinda neat how that pattern came up after all these years, this quilt  started out as a quilt along challenge & now it has went beyond much deeper than that as sweet memories flood my soul


this makes me want to finish it even more!


Ricochet said...

Hi Helen!
So stoked you decided to take on my challenge! I added you to the google sidcussion group, the pinterest board, and I just need you to fill out the sign up form on the challenge homepage and you'll be all set. Thanks for posting about the challenge as well!

diya said...

Hi stopping by your blog from the Scarf challenge. Diya From TheHobbyHarbor.