Tuesday, January 29, 2013



How long have we all been cooking roast in one fashion or another,seems like no matter how we spice it up it’s always forgiving & turns out good, stretching food is good lol!we buy the big bag of taters so we can make other side items, fries,mashed taters, tater salad, the list goes on & on, onions are cheaper by the pound , so buy  a big one cut it in fourths, the rest can be used  for other things, right? & those carrots  humm if we get the big bag  we can make carrot salad, munch on them etc. we’ve all done it his way through the years right? but this time as we’re strolling through the store gathering things to go with the roast, hubby spies this little bag of potatoes,roast02

I draw his attention to the price, which is about the same as a 10lb bag  but he just knows they’ll be soooo good, so I say why not? do something different after all these years, it’s good to step outside the box once in awhile lol! then he spies these roast03

ok the taters not so bad, just rinse & toss but those pearl onions would have to be peeled roast05

now who's ideal was it to step outta the  comfort box?

Royalty Free RF Clipart Illustration Of A Chef Toon Guy Crying While Slicing Yellow Onions

finally it’s all over, now the only thing left to do is set it and forget it, call me when it’s done I’m grabbing  a good book and going back to my box lol!


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Brandi said...

Thanks for your comment on Baked Parmesan/Spinach Chicken. Just thought I would let you know that I am not a huge cooked spinach fan either, but I can eat this. It's really delicious!

Linda in Calif. said...

I told my hubby how to make a roast yesterday - and YES one can ruin a roast. He didn't know - and added so much water it ended up tasting like boiled meat with no favor. We are "fixing" it for tonight with cream of mushroom soup, onions and beef favoring. (It was BAD! Bless his heart) Yours looks great!