Monday, January 28, 2013


At first glance 22 comments seems exciting, finally people like what I have to say lol! anyways I noticed it was long paragraphs of the same foreign signs etc over & over

do you know how long it takes to delete 22 comments, when you click the little trash can it deletes but leaves deleted by the administrator 22 times, to get that to go away you have to go back & click the little trash can again, another 22 times,

I then went into my settings & noticed it was set on anybody  including anonymous, I changed it to registered users including open ID, I hope this rids problems of so much deleting  & not mess up all my blogging friends who have something to say



jenann said...

Don't be too upset! Computers do strange things and so do hackers. Last year, I had a cross phone call from a friend. I had put one comment on her blog and, somehow, 15 more messages were added in my name but were just row upon row of dollar signs, percentage marks and letters e,r,t and f. Nothing to do with me, but somebody or something had put them there in my name

nancy huggins said...

I have my comments where I have to approve them and they come in an email..when I see them (and they are always in my spam box) I delete them. If you go to where your comments are on blogger you can click on any you don't want and then delete them all at the same time..No more problems. A lot of bloggers have the code you have to type in and as much as I would like to leave them a comment I just X off. To hard to see and sometimes you have to keep doing it until you get it right. The best way to eliminate that from your blog is to set it so you have to approve them. You can also send your email addy to blogger and she will see it before she approves it and no one else will see it..she can take it out before approving it or just not approve it if you don't want her to
Problems solved :)

Deanna said...

Sweet Blessings to you today!!!
This bloggin' stuff is wonderful.
God bless,

Linda in Calif. said...

I'm having the same problem. I looked in my spam and there are probably 200 per day from Anonymous. I haven't changed my setting yet - just turned off comments to the one post they were posting too. (50 comments from Anonymous did get through)

Michelle said...

I made that same change, no longer allowing anonymous posts, and it seems to have fixed the problem.