Friday, February 22, 2013


for breakfast I made crock pot oatmeal, it didn’t wake us up to delicious smells like it says it will lol! for me it was just plain oatmeal, I didn’t think to snap a picture , sorry, but it was good layered apples in the bottom then brown sugar, cinnamon, oatmeal, water, better than instant, beats stirring at the stove so I’ll probably make it again

last night I divided the left over rotisserie chicken & the rice hubby had cooked up


I only needed 1/2 of the cream of chicken & the broth so I divided that  too, the other 1/2 will be for chicken-n-dumplings later, so what did I make?meals02

chicken-n-rice,black eyed peas,stuffed eggs & tried a new biscuit recipe, you melt a stick of butter, mix all the ingredients & spread into a pan or dish cut into the dough & bake




for breakfast this morning, I pulled one sausage patty from the freezer & made sausage gravy which we had over  the leftover biscuitsmeals06

for supper it was egg salad club style, well who says egg salad has to be boring lol! 549287_2866918287644_1759907760_n[1]

I was going to try  a new shortbread cookie recipe but didn’t want to use up all of my butter so I opted for my peanut butter cookies & decided to add chocolate chips


it’s fun to step outside the same oh same oh box every once in awhile

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Lisa H. said...

Everything looks delicious. The house next to me is for sale. Please move in next to me. LOL