Thursday, February 21, 2013


have you ever looked into the pantry, or the fridge & thought there’s nothing to eat even though there’s things in there? I came across a neat site the other day

she suggest that you make a list of everything in the pantry, the fridge & in the freezer, then go over your list & compile meals from your list, I thought no way, there’s nothing but odd & ends in there but decided to give it a try ,now mind you I haven't had time to go by the store & buy real to goodness groceries yet  so there’s nothing at least that’s what I thought lol!

humm lets see what we have here

1/2 of a rotisserie chicken, bread, eggs,bacon,pancake mix,cocoa, flour,pinto, limas, cornbread mix, peanut butter,butter, onions,stewed tomatoes, cream of chicken, peaches, lemons & the list goes on lol!

chicken-n-rice, chicken-n-dumplings,if I can keep him outta the  chicken lol, choc cake, lemon pie or maybe cookies humm lemonade perhaps,omelets,egg salad sandwiches,bacon & egg sandwiches,pear fritters, beans & cornbread, lots of beans lol! just a few things that can be made from the pantry & the fridge ,now to see what else we can come up with from our list lol! come on you can do it! make a list of things in the pantry, the fridge & the freezer, then plan meals from your list, try it! you might be surprised!

upon retiring for bed last night  we went over the list & came up with about 20 things to make so far,

now here comes another good part I noticed in one her  comment replies she posted a link, you check what you have & it gives you recipes whoo hoo! who knew there was also chocolate waffles & Frappuccino in my pantry & so much more, check it out!

be sure to use the detailed list too as it brings  up a different list

what do you do with  two little ole apples & some oatmeal? make overnight oatmeal


so how much fun is it to play in the pantry? when you take the grocery money that you saved  & head out to your favorite store! lol!


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